Playford 10

The Playford 10 Project was designed from the research report Playford Youth – A New Story which highlighted the need for young people in the north of Adelaide to be offered opportunities to develop their life skill capability. Through activities such as music, creative arts, sport and volunteering, young people can develop social skills, improved communication, team work, creativity, problem solving and build their social capital. These activities are also known to improve the development of strong, trusted relationships with mentors and role models.

Playford 10 is all about connecting children to ongoing activities. The project team works within schools with Year 4/5 students to identify their individual talents and strengths and link them into sports, arts or volunteering activities in their community.

Playford 10 is a partnership between South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS), Anglicare SA Communities for Children and the City of Playford and local arts, volunteering and sporting clubs. The project team are happy to hear from local groups who are interested in becoming part of the project.


The City of Playford, in collaboration with the Playford Data Observatory, commissioned a research project in 2016, investigating the various supports and opportunities young people had in Playford. The research was designed to understand the various elements that allowed a young person to successfully transition to a positive social and economic outcome. The Playford Youth Report found that 10 years of age proved to be a pivotal age for change and that three core things stood out as being catalysts for change: young people volunteering being engaged in sports and recreational activities being engaged with arts and culture


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